Tailored Resumes is a resume writing business of more than 21 years located in Salem, NH. I started this business after being in management for several years, where I discovered the growing number of people who continuously struggled with resume writing and the interviewing process. I have bachelor degrees in Business Management with a minor in Marketing,  in addition to an Associates in Business Administration.

What I find most enjoyable about resume writing is the challenge of being creative and detailed about each individual's background and experiences. I personally spend about 40 - 60 minutes with each client to understand what YOU are trying to accomplish with your resume (the  in order to compose and tailor your resume to your specific needs since every individual is unique in their own way.

During your consultation, we will discuss the direction your life is going in, so I can properly market you effectively on your resume. The key point is to make sure your resume conveys what you can do for your potential new employer. Your resume should state how you will be an asset to them, how you will make and save them money, and why you are a much better candidate than all the other applicants applying for the same position. I will create your resume by taking your information and creating ACTION DRIVEN STATEMENTS WITH POWER WORDS that states either results, achievements or accomplishments designed to grab your reader's attention!


You will see that my resumes are well thought out and designed to be a marketing tool;  NOT  an autobiography with an eye-catching, easy-to-read format, unlike other resume writing services. My resumes are created to give your Reader a reason to say "YES" before they say, "NO"! Your resume also comes with a booklet I designed to help clients through the interviewing process. 


Please don’t let time or distance to schedule an appointment discourage you.  You can call, text or email your information to me and we can start the process of designing your resume!  


Soon you will be on your way to a better job!


Best Of Luck! 



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